We offer legal and natural persons comprehensive legal and business solutions in various fields. With professional, current and practical answers to actual and legal questions, we bring the importance of law and legal regulations closer to our clients.

Legal persons:

In addition to occasional legal advice in various fields, we also offer legal assistance to legal entities in running a company. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with all services (administrative, accounting and legal) in one place!


We offer legal advice and support to individuals. Our priority is the trust of our customers. We take into account the interests and wishes of our clients and implement them in the search for legal solutions.

Legal advice is intended to resolve conflicts as well as to avoid them, so we encourage you to contact us in case of legal ambiguities and we will find a solution together!

Areas of expertise:

- Labor law

- Inheritance and family law

- Commercial Law

- Enforcement law

- Corporate law

- Real estate law

- Compensation law

- Contract law

- Misdemeanor law

- Intellectual property law

- Real right

- Administrative law

We provide legal advice or. legal aid.
We review and compile relevant legal and other documents (eg. letters, contracts, agreements, applications, public procurement documentation, project documentation,…).
We advise and assist in the conduct of various proceedings outside the field of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings, such as e.g. public procurement procedure and implementation of various projects.
If necessary, we cooperate with external collaborators and thus ensure comprehensive treatment of legal and natural persons in one place and services in other related areas.

About us

Legas consists of a creative team of legal professionals.

The basis of our work is the search for effective legal solutions for the client. We follow the principles of professionalism, economy, integrity and accessibility.

With us your questions will find a legal solution.

Jelena Vidović

Tea Vidović

Ana Taneski

Ius est ars boni et equi.
Pravo je veščina dobrega in pravičnega.


You can contact us by completing the online form or via the contact details below. We will process your questions as quickly as possible and answer you as soon as possible.

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