In cooperation with the Viva magazine (VIVA, a magazine for a better life), LEGAS participates in the free legal consulting (FLC). FLC covers legal advice through a telephone conversation, every month after a pre-announced appointment. The printed edition of the Viva magazine publishes the contact telephone number, the date and time when Legas can be reached by phone and give answers to your legal questions free of charge. FLC also includes free legal advice through Viva portal - ask Viva expert, where you can write a legal question, and Legas will give you a free legal opinion about it.
We are entering 2018 with a renewed website, improved services and more experiences. Join us in solving legal questions.


Legas provides comprehensive legal and business solutions to organizations, social companies, the public sector, micro and small enterprises and individuals in a wide variety of fields.

We cooperate with quality and professionally trained partners, when needed.

For detailed information about our services please contact us by completing the online form or via the contact details listed below.


- composition of all contracts;

- management and preparation of legal real estate procedures;

- lecture and advice on the implementation of new legislation;

- consultancy and preparation of projects;

- legal help;

- managing public procurement procedures;

- managing the administration for businesses ...

On the basis of many years of legal experience in the field of public utilities, we also offer complete legal and business treatment for public contractors such as local communities and public companies.

About us

LEGAS is a creative team of university graduated lawyers, led by Jelena Vidović.

The cornerstone of our work is to find effective legal solutions for the client. We follow the principles of professionalism, economy, integrity and accessibility.

With us your questions will find a legal solution.

Jelena Vidović


Tea Vidović
law student

administrative services

Petra Čermelj
AJMP računovodstvo

accountant service


You can contact us by completing the online form or via the contact details below. We will process your questions as quickly as possible and answer you as soon as possible.

Legas, services for small and medium-sized enterprises
Likozarjeva ulica 1
4000 Kranj

Phone: 040 162 711 / 059 050 008
FB: /legaskranj

Official hours by appointment.

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